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Homoeopathy and the Elements, Jan Scholten

880 Seiten, geb.
erschienen 2007
Best.-Nr. 00233
Gewicht: 1515g
ISBN: 978-90-74817-05-9

Homoeopathy and the Elements

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Scholten: Homoeopathy and the Elements

879 S., in englischer Sprache

This is the masterpiece of Scholten’s genius. The periodic table of elements was a truthful guide to the chemical and physical properties of the elements of the universe ever since Mendelejew discovered it. But the homeopathic interpretation was pending until our era. Scholten found the themes of the elements by their position in the periodic table. All elements in a horizontal row are characterized by a common theme, which is called as a series. Named after the predominating element of every series, there is a carbon series (characterizing child-like problems of values, I-weakness, possessions and the physical body in general), an iron series (dealing with problems of work, duty, routine and rules), a silver series (depicturing the problems of creative people like artists, priests, teachers) etc. Each row or series is defined by a maximum of 18 vertically defined steps of development which he calls stages. The vertical stages are the common themes of steps of development in each series.

Thus by a profound understanding of the series and stages, every element can be understood for homeopathic use. The intersection of a series and a stage defines the exact theme of each element. Together almost any possible situation can be mirrored by a combination of certain elements. This gives an enormous potential for homeopathic prescribing, provided that the stages and series are understood in depth.

This is a most rewarding study, and we can say from our own experience that many cases have benefited from this new gem of homeopathy. Perhaps it is the greatest finding in homeopathy since the times of Hahnemann.

sofort lieferbar, versandfertig innerhalb eines Werktages
keine Versandkosten ab € 120,00

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