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Materia Medica Viva 1-12  engl., George Vithoulkas

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We expect this title to be available again in approximately 7 to 8 weeks.

Materia Medica Viva 1-12 engl.

George Vithoulkas

2 Kundenbewertungen

George Vithoulkas, in his epochal materia medica lectures, managed to get to the very heart of many new and old remedies, enabling us to better imagine and so remember them. His pupils published an unauthorized short materia medica based on these great lectures, known as the "Essence of Materia Medica", which is still very popular and which inspired a whole generation of homeopaths. Incidentally, this is very like what happened with Kent's lectures, which were also written up by his pupils and became a very popular materia medica. But then Vithoulkas decided to publish his own long-awaited complete materia medica, which he started many years ago with this series.
It is substantially more comprehensive than the Essences. We might compare the Viva with the late work of the German writer Herman Hesse, "The Glass Bead Game", whereas the Essences is similar to his early short masterpiece “Siddhartha”. Both have their own merits and the reader can decide which they prefer.
The first 12 volumes of a big edition, the remaining volumes are yet to be published.
If you buy the set one volume is for free.
Dieses Buch ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar.
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Deanna Debondt

vor 3 Jahre
Vithoulkas Materia Medica Viva Set
So grateful to have received this set of books so quickly. I have been pouring through them ever since I received them two days ago. So very blessed to be able to learn from one of the best.
1 Person findet das hilfreich

vor 2 Wochen
Homeo Classic
Exhaustive Book from one of great pioneer of classical homeopathy of recent times with detailed description of remedies in his unique style which can be easily grasped and will help the practitioner to discriminate remedies & pave the way for correct prescription.

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George Vithoulkas
George Vithoulkas
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