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Scientific and Human Centric Approach of Case Witnessing Process, Dinesh Chauhan

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One DVD (duration 52 minutes)

Scientific and Human Centric Approach of Case Witnessing Process

Dinesh Chauhan

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In this DVD, A to Z of the Case Witnessing Process (CWP) starting from its Introduction, Importance, Aims and objectives, Three fundamental Steps of Case Witnessing Process, i.e. Passive, Active, and Active-Active CWP, its Application, Pointers for stepping ahead from step one to step two to step three, Possible obstructions one might face and the appropriate techniques such as Denial, Projection, Dissociation, Internal witnessing, etc to tackle such obstructions, WHICH technique to use WHEN are explained with case examples.

Over the years, Dr. Dinesh has developed a system of case taking (“Case Witnessing”) that he intended to be, ageless, timeless, beyond any personality, Integrative and, more importantly, human–centric that helps reach the deepest core of the patient with relative ease. The entire process is completely scientific, simple and reproducible. Dinesh divides the whole process of case taking (case witnessing) into three steps: Passive, Active, and finally Active-Active. While passive case witnessing helps one find the focus in the case, the other two processes help one delve deep into the case, until the core of the patient is reached.


keine Versandkosten ab € 120,00

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