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George Vithoulkas: The Bern Seminars (1987)

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erschienen 2009
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ISBN: 978-96-087-4291-8

The Bern Seminars (1987)

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The Publisher:

The Bern Seminars were actually a demonstration of the way l was going about in finding the correct

As we did not have by that time any medical centre
or hospital in which we could train properly future homeopathic physicians, the need of the students was great for
attending life cases.

These seminars were replacing actually the in-hospital experience of doctors that was so important for everyone and so much lacking in our profession.

By the time l had started doing it in my practice in Athens in 1967 - presenting live cases to medical doctors who were willing to study homeopathy- there was no homeopath in the world who
dared showing in front of the attending students the results of his practice.

These notes show a part of this kind of work l was doing during that time.

l hope these seminars will be helpful! to the studious homeopath.
George Vithoulkas

sofort lieferbar, versandfertig innerhalb eines Werktages
keine Versandkosten ab € 120,00

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