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The overnight transformation of a jealous dog -
A case of Hyoscyamus

by Deborah Collins

“Charlie”, as I shall call him, is a gorgeous-looking Himalayan male terrier of 6 years. He lives in a close-knit community and has one owner, an elderly woman, of whom he is extremely protective, and one woman who takes him for walks, as well as many people who would like to be his friend. If you try to approach him for a pat, however, you need to count your fingers afterwards, as they are sure to be bitten! His guardian is forever warning people to stay at a distance, and the local doctor is forever treating people for bite wounds,

as he can be quite vicious in his attacks. He barks furiously at any approach, and charges up to anyone he sees as an intruder. His basket was often placed just outside the door of his owner, but this led to so many injuries from people who wanted to knock at her door that it was moved further away. Still, approaching his owner has always been a problem, and any attempt to pat her resulted in fierce barking and possible attacks; “She is mine! Keep away!”  His sexual behaviour was “over the top” – jumping onto any dog in sight, no matter how much bigger or smaller than himself, and he would often rub himself against people’s legs in an unmistakably sexual manner, often to their distress.

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It seemed to be an obvious case of Hyoscyamus, and the local homeopath and I decided to give him one dose of the remedy in a 200C potency. The change was astounding – overnight Charlie turned into the dog that had always been there just under the surface, a friendly loveable playmate. He loves being patted now, pushing his nose up to one’s hand and demanding a pat, then licking the hand instead of biting it. He comes running up to people for a pat, and does not rub up against their legs anymore.  He is no longer jealous when his owner is being hugged – he just sits nearby, with a look in his eye that says “I’d like a hug, too!” Under that thin layer of Hyoscyamus there appears to be a Phosphorus dog – or perhaps just a very healthy, happy dog at last.

Vicki Mathison
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Photos: Hyoscyamus: Vicky Mathison
Catagory: Cases
Keywords: jealous, protective, sexual hyperactivity
Remedy: Hyoscyamus


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