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Alternation of Remedies, Tahir Malik Awan

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Alternation of Remedies

Tahir Malik Awan

In Homoeopathic Therapeutics

The publisher:

"Alternation of Remedies in Homoeopathic Therapeutics" contains a wealth of information and clinical guidance in a comprehensive and simplified manner. It is the most authoritative and complete guide to alternation of homoeopathic remedies. Until now, not a single book on this subject has been written in any language in the realm of homoeopathy. 921 topics are dealt with in this book and behind every alternation, there is a legend of homoeopathy.

"This book proves the intense research, and the depth in understanding of  the genuine inductive Hahnemannian Homeopathy by the author. Dr.Tahir Malik confronts the onesided, dogmatic and incomplete opinion of strictly unicists with indisputable facts.We should at least make an effort to look at the “golden age” of Burnett, Clarke et al., where Homeopathy was still able to elicit results in serious pathology, compared to the  psychological approach and doubtful physico-chemical constructions  and idem dito  results nowadays.The condemnation by the critics of the alternation of remedies shows their very poor knowledge of Homeopathic history and the method used  by Hahnemann himself even before Paris.Remedy alternation, implicates a huge knowledge of Materia Medica and especially of the relationship between remedies.

The writer explains in a unique and easily understandable way  the history of the Aphorism 40 footnote, which made and still makes Homeopathy shake  onits fundaments.Flexibility is also a characterisic of the author, when he emphasizes that alternation is in no way the only method in Homeopathic therapeutics,  but often comes to the rescue in our daily complicated and complex disease presentation.

Dr.Malik’s work is a must for neophytes and experienced Homeopaths who want to take the challenge of turning Homeopathy into medicine again."

With great appreciation and admiration for this great opus. 
Dr.Med.Eddy Thielens Belgium

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vor 4 Jahre
Alternation of Remedies
Very well referenced book, although Classical homeopaths will have several objections.
Unfortunately homeopaths are guilty of same intolerance and ridicule towards non-Classical approaches as Allopaths are towards homeopathy.
Regardless of pre-concieved biases and dogmas if this book is read with open mind, it has lot to offer for those cases where one remedy does not cover totality of a case.
In future editions spelling mistakes and better proof reading will earn this great book higher ranking than what is given to this edition at this review. weiterlesen ...
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