Bed-Wetting Enuresis, Farokh J. Master

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Bed-Wetting Enuresis

Farokh J. Master

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A condensed book on the topic of bed wetting, with remedies in tabulated form and the addition of a small repertory.

The childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day.
Milton : Paradise Regained
In preparing the manuscript of this work, I have followed the lines laid out by the American College of Psychiatry for the treatment of enuresis.
I was tempted to write this book after I saw in my practice that out of every ten children who came to my clinic atleast two of them were suffering from bed-wetting.
This problem till to date was very poorly understood by me therefore I decided to read (books referred are mentioned in Bibliography) and then to save time of the busy practitioner I have put the matter in a condensed form. For easy reference of remedy I have described the remedy in tabulated form, aided by a small repertory.
I have been aided in seeing this edition through the press by the efficient help of Dr. (Miss) Archana C Maniar and Dr. Nimesh P. Sukhla. They have lightened the labour of making the manuscript more acceptable to the profession and I desire to express my hearty appreciation of this kind and helpful service.
Bed-wetting being one of the commonest problems as I found in my clinics (2 out of every 10 children had come across in my practice), I was forced to take up a detailed study and interest in this subject as not only this complaint formed an embarrassing situation for the tiny tots but I found it to bear a deep traumatic psychological influence on these subjects especially when the younger one was in a position to acheive a control over his or her bladder earlier than the older one.
This problem till date was very poorly understood by me, I had therefore decided to undertake journey through the much untrodden and equally unrevealed aspects of this problem. I humbly put before this profession my hectic days of the tour which I had undertaken to reach my destination. I have put the matter in much condensed form that would help those busy in this profession.

Farokh J. Master

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