Classical Homeopathic Lectures - Volume A, Vassilis Ghegas

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Classical Homeopathic Lectures - Volume A

Vassilis Ghegas

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Information from seminar of May, 1987, Netherlands. Essences of Nat-m, Nat-s, Sulph; remedies and their symptoms in acute diseases (common cold, tonsillitis, whooping cough, gastritis, cystitis, colitis, diarrhea, allergic rhinitis, headache); remedies for skin disorders, facial acne, cancer.

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The Classical Homeopathic Lectures of Dr. Med. Vassilis Ghegas - Index of Volumes A through G
When Vassilis Ghegas gave his first lecture at a conference of the "Society of Homoeopaths" in England in September 1983, none could have expected that this would be the start of a brilliant, didactic series of lessons which are still continued today.

Vassilis is a master in hierarchical teaching. He discusses all topics that occur in homeopathic practice, but the information he provides is hierarchically structured - not alphabetically. He first gives the information that you will frequently need in practice, and later on, he presents less frequent topics and situations. So, he guides his students through a kind of structured evolution process he has been through himself.

This series of books chronologically follows Vassilis' seminars, so that the keen reader can take advantage of this evolution. For that reason, this series is the best written course in Classical Homeopathy. Beginning student homeopaths can - via this series - practically learn how to use J.T. Kent's Repertory and W. Boericke's Materia Medica and also understand the practical application of The Organon and The Chronic Diseases by S. Hahnemann. Experienced homeopaths can test the established information of this series by their own practice.

George Vithoulkas' comment proves that Vassilis Ghegas has continued the work he started under his supervision at the Athenian School for Homeopathy.

Vassilis uses a central idea when presenting the essence of polycrests. This central idea is found on mental, emotional and physical levels, so that it is of great help in the differential diagnosis (e.g.: ARS.: "tendency to self-preservation"; LACH.: "overstimulation which seeks an outlet"; NUX-V.: "efforts beyond the abilities"; PLAT.: "excessive needs, who seeks for balance" etc.)

Up to now, 7 volumes of Vassilis Ghegas' series are available in English. This comprehensive index will enable you, at a single glance, to know in which volume and at what page a certain topic or remedy is presented. This can be a useful aid in daily practice, study or teaching.

The different subjects of Vassilis' lectures are arranged thematically and in alphabetical order. The references consist of a capital referring to the volume and a number referring to the page (e.g.: GRAPH.-child: C.80 means Volume C page 80).

Fons Vanden Berghe
July 1996

George Vithoulkas:
"... As far as I have seen, Vassilis has given a correct presentation of what I have taught him over the years. I think he has produced a very well done and informative series of books which will be of great help to the homeopathic community ..."

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