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Concise Pictures of Dynamised Drugs Personally Proven, Donald Mcfarlan

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Concise Pictures of Dynamised Drugs Personally Proven

Donald Mcfarlan

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The provings herein recorded, extend over a period of possibly twenty years or more. The health and well being, both mental and physical, of each prover was distinctly enhanced in every prover, the greatest good to the most sensitive individuals. The amount of painful disability was decidedly less than that under-gone in protective typhoid fever inoculation, a procedure used by prevailing dominant practice, along lines formulated by the law of Hahnemann.
In the re-provings, none of the provers were cognizant of the fact that they were making provings. As our Irish friends might say, quite "unbeknownst". And, herein nothing is fancied or imagined in any way, and the ready suggestibility of most people is quite discarded. As a mere matter of fact, General Bonaparte was well within bounds when he stated that '' Imagination Rules the World"!
The French have a word, ebauche, It has no equivalent in English. If one, however, should go to a music hall, and see in action a skilled crayon caricaturist portray in the fewest and simplest of bold and telling strokes the famous figures in world history, some idea of the meaning of ebauche would creep in.
In similar fashion, the few reliable and highly characteristic Symptoms brought into striking relief by quite a number of provings is a mighty aid in the proper choice of medicament.
In this way, a seldom recurring symptom-complex is lopped off and what I have attempted as a concise picture is arrived at and procured.

1805 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

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