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Elizabeth Adalian

Elizabeth Adalian has been a practising homeopath for over thirty years. During the course of that time, she worked in the former Yugoslavia after the recent war. This experience demonstrated to her that it was not so much the exposure to war that affected individual members of the population but more what they brought to it from their early formative years. On returning to the United Kingdom, after extending her practice to countries including Cyprus, Ethiopia, the Middle East and North Africa, Elizabeth applied this concept to her patients' cases with notably transformative results in their health. She has established a reputation for a deep knowledge of Materia Medica with the lesser known remedies which she sets out to highlight in the context of this work. Numerous articles on homeopathy have been written by her - many in the field of trauma. Elizabeth has also taught extensively across the United Kingdom and abroad.

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Touching Base with Trauma/Elizabeth Adalian
Touching Base with Trauma  von Elizabeth Adalian
Reaching Across the Generations : A Three-Dimensional Homeopathic Perspective

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