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Fernando Flores Villalva

Dr. Fernando Flores Villalva born on Quits, graduated as a surgeon from the central university of Ecuador. He past graduated as Homoeopath in Mexico under the guardianship of Dr. David Flores Toledo and in Argentina at the Medical school of Homoeopathy. He was the Director of medical school of Homoeopathy (1989-1991) Director of Doctrine (1993-1996) Director of Homoeopathic Magazine (1993-1996) Professor in vitee to the first seminar of LM in Sao Paul’s Brazil (1991) Chairperson of the Ecuadorians Homoeopathic Society. He has introduced seminars about LM Scale in Mexico (2000) He was the senior professor at the medical Ecuadorians School of Homoeopathy (1985-2003). He is also a member of medico rum Homoeopathic International League

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Escritos Médicos Menores Del Dr. Samuel Hahnemann/Fernando Flores Villalva
Escritos Médicos Menores Del Dr. Samuel Hahnemann  von Fernando Flores Villalva

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