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Groups and Themes, Roberto Petrucci

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The content of the book is in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Groups and Themes

Roberto Petrucci

Gruppen und Themen - Grupos Y Temas - Gruppi e Temi

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The publisher:

This book is a combination of the classical approach with the modern thinking and can be easily used by every homeopath using different methods.

Roberto wrote 8 key themes for 172 groups (56 Plant families, 13 groups from Animal Kingdom, 6 periods and 18 stages of the Periodic table, 15 anions and 52 cations from Mineral Kingdom and 12 different groups like desert remedies, drugs, gems, oils and rocks).

The eight sentences method easily let us understand the main topics of every group trying to give a deep shortcut in order to be able to find the right remedy from the biggest selection in the shorter time.

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Irina Firuti

vor 1 Jahr
Worth purchasing
The work is bold and challenging. A book to keep on your desk and have at hand.
Personally I regretted that the author has left French appart when choosing the languages in which it is written making it unavailable for a vast public ( it is known that German people are more inclined to know English than French people, yet German was not skipped).
I also looked for some initial indications from the author as to HOW to use these themes: how many of them do you have to have in a patient in order to consider that Group ( all? at least three, as Hering said?). But there are none.
A good idea would have been, instead of the list of remedies at the end of the book, which is not very useful, to have a list of the themes and where, in which to find them. My opinion.
A bit more thorough work would also have been desirable in the (English) translation or editing - it looks as if there's been no proofreading.
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Roberto Petrucci
Roberto Petrucci
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