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Holistic Miasmatic Treatment with a Live Case- 1 DVD, Rosina Sonnenschmidt

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1 Video - DVD Length approx. 1,5 h
The DVD can be played in three languages, English, French, or German

Holistic Miasmatic Treatment with a Live Case- 1 DVD

Rosina Sonnenschmidt

"Homeopathy from Childhood to Old Age Congress 2014” at March 15, in Bad Krozingen Germany

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In this presentation Rosina Sonnenschmidt presents her unique and very comprehensive treatment approach using miasmatic homeopathy, supplemented by many naturopathic measures. With the goal of restoring the patient‘s health and flexibility (both mental and physical), she attempts to stimulate the vital force and the organism so that balance is restored bit by bit. Together with the administration of homeopathic remedies, rizols , and so on, she emphasizes changing one‘s way of life – not just nutrition but also the rediscovery and activation of the person‘s inner potential.

Her first, now recovered patient (burn-out, rheumatism, muscle-wasting, previous history of borreliosis) comes on stage and reads his poems. It was part of his therapy to write these poems so as to rediscover his creativity. The
patient‘s path back to full health gradually and graphically unfolds in front of the audience – interspersed with explanations describing his treatment by Rosina Sonnenschmidt. Several homeopathic remedies were used (Syph., Merc., Carc., Thuja, Puls., Calc-p., Uran-n., Germ-met., Oxyu-m., Cortiso., Arg-am., Lut-f., Inachis io, …).

In the second case (also borreliosis and muscle-wasting, with premature dementia) – the indicated remedies were Aur., the borreliosis nosode, Cortiso., Lyc. and Sulph. – she also additionally discusses the connection she has observed between borreliosis and scrofula, and she discusses the significance of sycosis in miasmatic treatment.

It is particularly moving to see the visible success of the treatment of a previously unvaccinated 7-year-old who suffered severe disability after a six-fold vaccination: the spasticity and additional accompanying complaints meant that the boy was no longer able to speak, stand or sit, and could not keep his head up. After Thuja together with light treatment and baroque music, then Lil-t. and Orig., Calc., Puls. and finally Calc-p. – supported by additional therapies (the systemic context is mentioned here too) – the boy finally learns to walk again.

These are very vivid cases which impressively document the efficacy of miasmatic treatment in combination with other supportive measures.

You can also purchase the complete DVD set of the “Homeopathy – from Childhood to Old Age Congress 2014”

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