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Homeopathy - The Science of Healing, Rajan Sankaran

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ISBN: 978-81-319-0751-1

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Homeopathy - The Science of Healing

Rajan Sankaran

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Basics of homeopathy covering all aspects. The author has cited a number of interesting cases and has given extensive quotations

The publisher:

Dr. Rajan Sankaran in this valuable book illustrates the basics of homeopathy and has covered practically all aspects of the science and art of homeopathy. This is an excellent introduction to homeopathy. The author has tried to present homeopathy as a natural scientific system of healing. Many of the interesting cases have been cited which gives ample evidence 'of Hering's law of cure. The author has dealt quite competently with the doubts and question usually asked by the public and young students of homeopathy. Homeopathic Philosophy has been enlivened with interesting clinical examples.

There is also a short description of Lachesis and Phosphorus with innermost feeling of remedies given which has been absorbed and confirmed in his own practice. The author contributed as a connecting thread in joining the different aspects of Homoeopathic Philosophy together. ..

· Valuable small book illustrating homeopathy as both science and art
· The style of presentation of a difficult subject like Homeopathic Philosophy is quite lucid and can be understood by 
  lay people
· His style of writing is refreshing and he has used many interesting case examples
· A reference link leading to classical homeopathy
· A discussion on basic principles of homeopathy, there real meaning and application in true sense.

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