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Indigestion: Its Causes and Cure, John Henry Clarke

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erschienen 2009
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ISBN: 978-81-319-0787-0

Printed in India - Indian quality

Indigestion: Its Causes and Cure

John Henry Clarke

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Includes introductory explanations of the digestive process and medical terms, discussions of over-eating, alcohol, tobacco, tea, cold, bad air, vinegar, tight lacing and other causes along with illustrative cases.


For the eighth time this little work has been called for since its first appearance in 1888. It has grown somewhat in size since then, but I do not think it necessary to add much to its bulk on this occasion. In revision a few changes have been made and new suggestions inserted.

The demand for works of this kind based on the Homoeopathic System of treatment is an indication that the public is far ahead of the profession in appreciating new light in the medical world. It is the fate of pioneers to be ostracised by their contemporaries. The reason of this is not far to seek: nobody likesto have his mental furniture upset, and when new light is thrown into the world of his cherished ideas he naturally resents it and does his best to shut it out. This the profession has done consistently with the light of Hahnemann's discovery now well into the second century of its existence. Germany gave Hahnemann birth, but Ger¬many made it almost impossible for him to live in his native land, and he had to be taken to France to receive due acknowledgment of his work.

But now things are changing. Germany is already half-way to giving Homoeopathy and its founder official sanction and recognition. When that is fully accomplished, Germany may get her "revenge" in the only proper way by compelling the world of academic medicine to receive and cherish the greatest light that has yet been revealed to it, and thus conferring on the world at large the greatest benefit that one nation can confer on sister nations.
In the meantime the lay Homceo-pathic Public are the chief guardians of the treasure, and therefore it is to them that books like this have to be addressed. For Homoeopathy in this country depends on the intelligence of its lay supporters.

8, BOLTOX STREET, W. i. 1928.

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