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Organon, Adolf zur Lippe

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Second edition


Adolf zur Lippe

Edited & Commented by Dr. Edouard Broussalian

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Foreword by Dr. Farokh Master and Dr. Juan Carlos Gamba

Dr. Lippe helped launch several of the best homeopathic journals ever to be published, including the Organon, the Hahnemannian Monthly, and the Homeopathic Physician. His unswerving commitment to pure homeopathy was unparalleled, even in his day.
Edouard Broussalian compiled the information of the journal "Organon" (published in 1878) in book form. It is a collection of cases, materia medica and interesting homeopathic information about the late 19th century.

The publisher:

Fierce advocate of Homeopathy in its most noble representation, Dr Edouard Broussalian is the heir of an extended homeopathic tradition. While studying alongside his father, whom was himself a student of Dr Pierre Schmidt, he developed the taste for high expectation and rigor, as did his elders. Since the beginning of his career, twenty years ago, devoted to this medical art of the future, he never ceased to bring up to date as well as render accessible all medical writings from well-known classical homeopaths.
He is firmly convinced that the scientific truth lies in the strict observation of simple and eternal rules and does not hesitate to always compare theory and its application in his daily practice in Geneva, as well as anywhere he goes to, from Turkey, African countries to Madagascar and as far as Ha'fti. Although he himself is a teacher, he also attends the classes of great current homeopaths. In this way, he tries to gather a great amount of knowledge, sometimes forgotten, which he goes searching from the United States to the farthest areas of India, so that every homeopath can also benefit from these invaluable treasures.
Torn apart from countless streams, today's homeopathy has lost its headland, only because it was driven away from its roots. It is not a philosophy nor a medical recipe. Homeopathy defines laws and principles, which rule all prescriptions. It is an energetic medicine, in the image of the healthy human being. All of which was self-evident for our elders in the practice, who could not resort to classical medicine in case of failure. They had to be extremely pragmatic and effective when treating their contemporaries sufferings. In all their reports, they entrust their spectacular results, trial and error and sometimes failure in their quest for cure. They do not hesitate to use remedies in sequence, their complementaries, various potencies, while being very rigorous, with a very developed clinical experience. Their writings are revealed through a surprising modernity and while reading them, we get acquainted with tireless workers and humble practitioners, full of humanity, with only one desire: cure their patients et propagate homeopathy.
Through these volumes, we would like to pay them a tribute and renew this path of excellence. Every since its discovery, homeopathy was derided, fought against and misunderstood. The originality of its radically new concepts still faces prejudice, although we are reaching the ecological as well as economical limits of the old allopathic school of medecine. The spreading of chronic affections requires a paradigm shift and this is where the eternal Homeopathy will impose itself as the future of medicine.

Foreword by George Vithoulkas
Old masters of homeopathy were always an inspiration for me. Whenever I would feel disheartened and disappointed from the contemporary kind of homeopathy practiced I would resort to the old journals, that are full of great ideas and teachings. It is really amazing that contemporary homeopaths have not even heard the name of the old masters like Kent, Dunham, Lippe, etc. When I go back to them my heart fills with warmth and a lot of new courage and thoughts flow in my mind. This is a great job done by my friend Edouard and all people who love homeopathy I am sure will appreciate it greatly.

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Organon, Adolf zur Lippe+Burnett Rediscovered, Dion Tabrett
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Dieses Produkt: Organon von Adolf zur Lippe
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