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Practical Dream Analysis - Using C.G. Jung's archetypes in homeopathy - 5 CD's, Jane Cicchetti

5 CDs, CD
erschienen 2011
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Practical Dream Analysis - Using C.G. Jung's archetypes in homeopathy - 5 CD's

Jane Cicchetti

Original English version

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Original English version

The publisher:

"Dreams are like maps of our souls."
For most homeopaths dealing with their own dreams and those of their patients seems like a book with seven seals. Hasty looks into the repertory do not always lead to helpful insight. But if you really discover the secret of a dream, the highly individual, pure, and genuine experience of the dream will lead you directly to the inner core of the dreamer. It pulls the deep states of the soul to daylight, like a landscape where you can see psychic conflicts, extremes, and paradoxes. This symbolic world can help you to understand, "what needs to be cured". Then the appropriate homeopathic remedy will often appear by itself, to help alleviate the conciliation and integration of unsolved aspects of the soul.

C. G. Jung´s archetypes and his discovery of the universal symbolism within the collective unconscious are like maps to lead the way through the landscape of our souls. His idea is similar to basic principles in homeopathy:
phenomenologically viewing the patient´s inner world as it is - even if it shows bizarre dreams or peculiar delusional ideas. The more specific the content of the dream or delusion the more essential and insightful they often are. But also common contents, pictures, and stories of dreams can, due to their individual combination, show an interesting path to deeper levels of the dreamer and help solving his upcoming conflicts.

In her second course in Berlin the American homeopath Jane T. Cicchetti presents extensive possibilities how to use Jung´s method of dealing with dreams for our homeopathic work. At first she explains his model by a well-informed insight in the relation between the main archetypes. This gives a good overview of our inner soul structure. Jane uses the Mandala, an old and deep spiritual symbol mainly known from Buddhism, which Jung considered a symbol of wholeness, to show the structure of the psyche.

Jane Cicchetti demonstrates her practical procedure by working with three attendees´ dreams. Her attentive and most careful way of communicating with the dreamers is impressive. It is not as important for her to get a fast idea for the medicine as to methodically allow the dreamer to gain awareness of the meaning of his or her own dream. This method stimulates the dreamer's insight into the meaning of the dream in relation to his or her life.

The seminars main objective is to encourage us in our own dream work, to learn a practical way to work with dreams and to accompany patients on their journey to the deeper reasons of their malady. For Cicchetti, dream interpretation is not just a translation of symbols by apodictic conclusions or homeopathic rubrics but an active therapeutic encounter with the dreamer. It respects his mental conflicts through the present experience and helps to find a solution.

"Reality is different from what we perceive it to be" (Dalai Lama)

The course teaches you:
The use of dream analysis within homeopathic consultations
The structure of psyche in C. G. Jung´s perspective
The understanding of archetypes and mandalas as an image of the basic structure of the psyche
How to attain a higher sensitivity to the state of dreaming by working with your own dreams
To understand the relation between psychic symptoms and dream symbols
How to deal with dreams which occur during the ongoing homeopathic therapy

On the enclosed CD-ROM you can find additive graphical material to the course.

CD 1 (79:36)
1. Introduction (06:59)
2. Dream 1 (08:09)
3. Reflections / Associations (08:53)
4. Symbolism of the bat I (06:55)
5. Symbolism of the bat II (07:54)
6. The meaning of images (06:47)
7. Maps of the soul (07:54)
8. The "Other Side" (05:43)
9. Steps of dream analysis (06:35)
10. Messages from the unconscious (05:42)
11. Exploration of details (08:00)

CD 2 (75:45)
1. Dream review I (09:24)
2. Dream review II (07:40)
3. From dream to remedy (08:58)
4. Projections (09:14)
5. Ego and self (08:19)
6. Example of a dream (06:55)
7. Mandala as an encounter with oneself (07:53)
8. Levels of dream analysis (08:30)
9. The importance of dreams (08:49)

CD 3 (77:46)
1. Dream 2 (09:22)
2. Dream review I (09:21)
3. Dream review II (04:39)
4. Researches about positronium (09:53)
5. Attempt of interpretation (10:42)
6. Questions and comments I (09:13)
7. Questions and comments II (06:15)
8. Structure of the psyche / Kalachacra-Mandala (07:00)
9. The meaning of Persona (05:35)
10. Conscious and the the collective unconscious (05:41)

CD 4 (79:56)
1. Archetypes (04:40)
2. Psora and the collective unconscious (04:28)
3. Dream 3 (08:45)
4. Dream review (07:13)
5. Case example: Latrodectus Mactans (10:12)
6. Case example: Saphire / Camphora (12:11)
7. Dreams and remedy choice (09:13)
8. Fragments of dreams / daydreams / lucid dreams (05:46)
9. Archetypes in dreams (05:37)
10.Case studies: Conium / Graphites (11:46)

CD 5 (Extra-CD)
- Zu dieser CD (PDF-Datei)
- Using Dreams in Homeopathic Practice (PDF-Datei)
- Mandala (PDF-Datei)

Chiron-Schule Berlin, 8th May 2011

nur noch wenige auf Lager, versandfertig innerhalb eines Werktages
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