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Psyche and Structure, Peter L. Tumminello

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erschienen 2017
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ISBN: 978-3-95582-120-3

Psyche and Structure

Peter L. Tumminello

Crystals and minerals in homeopathy

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Psyche and Structure
Crystals and minerals in homeopathy

What began as an exploration into the crystal structure of gemstones, has unfurled into a deeper and unexpected insight into all metals, minerals and organic compounds, as they too crystallise. Through researching hundreds of clinical cases and provings Peter Tumminello has arrived at a refined understanding of the implications of crystal structure in modern practice.

This understanding not only assists in prescribing medicines, it provides insights into the unique turn of mind that creates the personality – the nature of the human psyche itself.
‘In their resonant relationship to humanity these structures are psycho-emotional forms, which are the containers of trends of thinking and feeling, the broad brush strokes of the mind which form a recognisable landscape.’

“In this book, Peter Tumminello provides practical solace for the homeopath about a complex process and subject by virtue of his clarity and good writing style. He has initiated an easy-to-follow method and categorisation derived from assessing the crystalline structure and growth of certain minerals and gemstones. And in this way he divides up these homeopathic remedies into various general categories or ‘systems.’

He relates these systems to the human psyche, patient problems and pathology, thus giving a modern practical taxonomy based on crystalline structure.”
Louis Klein FSHom, Vancouver, Canada

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Rochelle Hadjiloukas

vor 3 Jahre
A new insight into the very core of how we relate to the world
Peter Tumminello's latest work on Crystals and minerals is immense in it's depth in examining how we as individual's relate to the world.

This amazing contribution to Homoeopathy allows us to understand what drives us and how we express this.

Understanding these structures gives an invaluable tool in Homoeopathic prescribing allowing us to prescribe at the deepest simillimum.

This epic work details each structure and the corresponding remedies is while it is a valuable tool for Homoeopathy it benefits our understanding of humanity. weiterlesen ...
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Irina Firuti

vor 8 Monate
Worth purchasing
I liked the book: the concept is very interesting in itself.

Some flaws though: 1. the most important is it leaves the reader wondering where to find information about a long list of remedies/stones/gems as the long chapter about references at the end of the book often mentions "personal provings or unpublished cases". So such an extensive work on such a big chapter as the crystals should, in my opinion, have been structured in 2 volumes, the second being a materia medica of those crystals. And 2. no proofreading with all sort of writing mistakes ( text prediction?) such as "though" instead of "through" or "pedestrian" instead of "patriarch"(pg 69) or bizzarre phrases such as "If the truth be known, the world itself is unfit for perfection"(pg 50). weiterlesen ...
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