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Repertory of Likes and Dislikes, B. Sethi

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Printed in India. Out of print

Repertory of Likes and Dislikes

B. Sethi


The preparation of this work was undertaken immediately after the publication of my book: "Homoeo Prophylactic Remedies", and in accordance with a desire, strongly expressed by my relatives, and a number of my colleagues to bring out a condensed treatise on Likes and Dislikes for ready reference. I was induced to prepare a repertory for publication, and I have named it "Repertory of Likes and Dislikes".
The conditions of aggravations and ameliorations, aversions, desires, sensations and the time of occurrence of the symptoms, I have put together under the main Rubric in an alphabetical order for the convenience of the user of the Repertory for easy search. My professional friends are requested to go through the headings of the general Rubrics of the whole book page by page to acquaint themselves with the plan upon which it is formed. A Repertory can only become a companion and a helper through its constant use.
A Repertory can never replace the Materia Medica; it is an index of symptoms, arranged systematically, it may be alphabetical or schematic. Its purpose is to serve as a reference and guide in looking up a particular symptom that may indicate the totality of the symptoms; or it may make the necessary distinction between two or more similar remedies in any given case. For example, to select a remedy for a patient whose diarrhoea is aggravated by drinking milk look-up the main rubric 'milk'. Under the heading 'Diarrhoea' five remedies are given in capitals, namely, Calc. c; Magn. m; Natr. a; Natr. c; and Sepia. Now, to select a suitable remedy according to symptomatology of the patient, extensive knowledge of the Materia Medica is very essential and characteristic symptoms of each drug should be on finger-tips. The remedies given in italics are not less important and these should not be ignored.
In the compilation of this manual, the repertory of J.T. Kent, Bonninghausen, Calvin B. Knerr, Constantine Lippe, the works of C. Hering, Laurie, J. H. Clarke and other distinguished Homoeopathic authors and practitioners have been consulted. Every effort has been made to make the book up-to-date. It is my hope that this compilation will be a useful aid to Homoeopathic physicians in their great task of restoring the sick to health. I do not know if I have succeeded in my mission but if this work meets with satisfaction of even one Homoeopath, I will feel rewarded for my labour.
I acknowledge the assistance of my son Tarun Sethi for typing the manuscript and proofreading.
I laud the greatness and affection of my wife, Sharda Sethi, who repeatedly encouraged me for the completion of this work at every step.
I pay my sincere thanks to Dr. S.K. Lai M.D,F. A.M.S.; formerly Dean, Maulana Azad medical College, New Delhi, who has accepted my request to have a look at this book.
I am especially indebted to Dr. P. N. .fain of Messrs B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd. for the help he has rendered and the keen interest shown for the publication of this work.
This book is presented to the medical profession, with the hope that it will meet the demand of my friends to some extent; suggestions regarding this book will be cordially acknowledged.

Dr. B. Sethi
B-376 New Friends Colony New Delhi - 110065 31st March, 1992.

Printed in India

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