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Skin and Lymphatic System  Bastions of Immunity, Rosina Sonnenschmidt

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Skin and Lymphatic System Bastions of Immunity

Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Volume 12: Organ - Conflict - Cure
With Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Exercises

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With Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Exercises

The skin is the main organ that holds the body and mind together. It breathes, absorbs nutrients, has a metabolism and eliminates waste substances. It is also called the “third kidney” or the “third lung.” An intact immune system is reflected in the skin through fever and sweating. Every chronic illness begins with the skin. If the illness is cured from the inside, it leaves the body through the skin.

In the last volume of the already legendary Organ-Conflict-Cure series, Rosina Sonnenschmidt demonstrates the major significance of the skin and lymphatic system for health. She explains the fundamental conflicts of many skin diseases ranging from oral herpes, skin fungus and erysipelas to neurodermatitis, psoriasis and shingles, as well as vitiligo, scleroderma and skin cancer. In addition, the book explores diseases of the lymphatic system‘s typical devaluation conflicts that include manifestations such as a susceptibility to infection and malignant lymphoma.

Holistic therapy for these conditions includes conflict resolution, tips on nutrition and strengthening of the immune system; naturopathic measures such as footbaths, light and colour-light therapy; and an abundance of well-known and even unusual homeopathic remedies such as Elaeis, Polio, Desoxyribonucleicum acidum and specific intestinal nosodes.

In particular, the example of the skin shows how decisive it is to not just treat a disease locally. A chronic disease can only be considered cured when the skin is once again able to display its immune defence through fever and sweating. Rosina Sonnenschmidt encourages readers to take a spirited approach to the causal conflicts of illness and provides inspired help for every step on the path of healing. This book will touch many lives.

The Organ-Conflict-Cure Series will be completed over the next two years. In total, there will be 12 volumes (plus an Index for the entire series), each dealing with a particular organ system.  The Series can be bought as a Set, or individually:

Volume 1: Blood – Fluid Consciousness
Volume 2: Liver and Gallbladder – Acquired Authority
Volume 3: The Digestive Organs – Pathway to the Centre
Volume 4: Respiratory System – Life and Consciousness

Volume 5: Kidneys and Bladder – Basis of Self-Realisation
Volume 6: Heart and Circulation – Natural Authority
Volume 7: Endocrine Glands – Spiritual Power Sources
Volume 8: Female and Male Sexual Organs – Self-Realisation
Volume 9: Brain and Nervous System – Burgeoning Spirituality
Volume 10: Sensory Organs – Wonders of Communication

Volume 11: Locomotor System – Progress on All Levels
Volume 12: Skin and Lymphatic System – Bastions of Immunity

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Madalina Fodolica

vor 5 Monate
a useful book...wonderful informations
it is a holistic book..a syntesis of information of all naturopat medicine....a jewel.. weiterlesen ...
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vor 5 Monate
Skin and Lymphatic System Bastions of Immunity
Excellent and unique books from volumes 1-12.
I wish it would incorporate other modalities like manual therapy and go into more depth and details.
However I'm glad I bought this
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