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Snakes to Simillimum - Demystifying Venom, Farokh J. Master

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Snakes to Simillimum - Demystifying Venom

Farokh J. Master

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A thorough study of homeopathic snake remedies, filled with details about snake taxonomy, biology, habitat, provings and clinical and differential materia medica. It will serve well as both a study text and practical prescribing aide.

The publisher:

Snakes to Simillimum is an essential reference for every serious homeopath and student of homeopathy. A comprehensive overview of homeopathic snake remedies, packed with up-to-date details about snake taxonomy, biology, habitat, provings, and clinical & differential materia medica. It thoroughly documents both well-known and newly proven snake remedies, and it will serve well as both a study text and practical prescribing aide.
Includes chapters on snake anatomy, taxonomy, mythology & symbolism, plus 'group' symptoms of the snake remedies. There are individual chapters on each snake remedy, many of which include cases and even complete proving diaries. Clinical prescribing hints and remedy differentials are included throughout the text, bulleted "Bedside Guiding Symptoms" give a quick and relevant reference to the most interesting symptoms for each remedy. The appendix offers an alphabetical quick reference to clinical symptoms with remedy differentials.

Dr. Farokh Master's new book on snake remedies is a total jewel. It represents the first comprehensive work on all aspects of the snake remedies with clinically confirmed materia medica from his vast experience as a homeopath. All practitioner or students will be in want of this invaluable addition to our homeopathic literature.
Kim Elia, USA

In this books, Dr. Master has covered all possible information on snakes. Grounding each member of the snake family with its zoological information he then moves to the provings to distill the best and most relevant information from those early trials. Combining that with the toxicological information, noting both primary and secondary reactions he creates an easily memorable schema of the individual remedies.
When it comes to understanding the qualities of the snake family and the indications of the individual members of this group. The work complements beautifully the work we have from Thompson, Avedissian and others. Rarely has any homoeopath been so voluminous in print with technical books in locating a simillimum. This book on the snake family is a delightful and valuable addition to our knowledge of materia medica.
Alastair Gray, Australia

It is perfect: snake biology, mythology, symbolism, themes and concepts, provings and a lot of other information. The bedside guiding symptoms, the commentary of the dreams, the confirmatory symptoms and the differential diagnosis in the book are very good. I believe that this book will complete our knowledge about snake remedies. I have discussed principles and homeopathy several times with Dr. Farokh Master and realized that his homeopathic knowledge is extensive. Keeping in view his homeopathic approach I advice everybody to use his books.
Roberto Petrucci, Italy

Congratulation. I think the book is very good, especially the chapters about symbolism and dreams. The idea of understanding the language of the body represented in symptoms and the understanding of symbols in dreams has been put very well which makes it practically possible to use this idea. I therefore, very much like the symbol of the snake as the symbol of the medical profession.
Uta Santos-Konig, Austria

Dr. Farokh Masters must be congratulated on his extensive compilation of snake remedies and the addition of clinical date and provings to our materia medica. There is no doubt that this work will further enrich our knowledge and enhance our clinical results.
Jeremy Sherr, UK

Fascinated by the snakes and venom that Farokh saw in the Instituto Butanta, Sao Paulo (Brazil), he returned to India to conduct many snake provings. There are many snapshots of situational materia medica, some from modern India, others from mythology, which floodlight the remedies vividly. Rubrics are offered to underline the effects of the venoms, and each remedy have a very useful set of 'bedside guiding symptoms' covering the whole body. The addenda of comparisons between the snake and other remedies are useful in the differentiation which is a complex task. It is impossible not be drawn into this fascinating book, as it is so very readable, ranging like the snakes over many continents and creating vivid materia medica for the mind to digest at leisure.
Jenni Tree, Holland

Farokh Master's Snakes to Simillimum will assist all Classical homeopaths to get closer to the essence of these remedies. He has brought together proving information, materia medica and clinical experience that will be of great use to all those who are interested in practicing classical homeopathy successfully.
George Vithoulkas, Greece

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