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Soul and Survival - The Common Human Experience, Grant Bentley

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Soul & Survival is why this information works in the clinic. Universal principles which explain what a miasm is, how important a miasm is and the amazing link between our unconscious inherited memories and the events of our lives.

Soul and Survival - The Common Human Experience

Grant Bentley

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The publisher:


Soul & Survival explains human behaviour. We are complex creatures who have both a soul and a survival instinct. When we understand how each of these two aspects works, we gain a deep understanding of who we really are.

Soul & Survival concepts are based on thousands of people telling their life stories. They shared what happened to them, how they felt and their health problems. As part of their diagnosis and treatment everyone had their facial structure examined – a distinct pattern emerged. Soul & Survival explains:

- Our individual behaviour
- Our group behaviour
- Why we feel different, special or excluded
- The purpose of these feelings
- The relationship between our face, our nervous system and our emotions
- How energy levels lead to illness
- How to maintain healthy energy levels
- The importance of action
- Why we behave in repeated patterns when we are stressed or tired
- Our individual skills that help us to be accepted and nurtured by others
- Universal forces that dictate not only human behaviour but all aspects of our planet including social changes over different time periods
- Cycles of time and their impact on us
- How the actions of thousands of our ancestors dictate who we are now

Soul & Survival is a deep innovative work that will change the way you see yourself and the way you see others around you.

Soul & Survival is for health practitioners – counselors, psychologists, naturopaths, homoeopaths – anyone who wants to better understand the behaviour of their patients in regard to their health and well being.

Soul & Survival is for patients, family and friends. To help parents understand their children, couples understand each other and families to know each other.

After reading Soul & Survival you will have compassion for those around you and an understanding of why you feel different to people that are close to you. Reading Soul & Survival will develop a true recognition of your self.

When energy principles are understood major lifestyle changes can occur. Relationships can be healed, health can be improved, happiness can be found.

Soul and Survival being the latest installment in the trilogy of Grant's books, is a must, not only for practitioners but anyone interested in learning about themselves and of course those around them. While we instinctively and intellectually know we are different from others, Soul & Survival is true insight and understanding. Most importantly it gives us a glimpse of how other people think, feel, act and say what they do! I say a glimpse, because that is all it can be - I will never stand in another person's shoes and 'know' them the way they 'know' themselves but I will now 'see' them much more clearly.
Jackie T

Soul & Survival is an amazing read, with universal appeal. It manages to encompass the many diversities of human nature with descriptions and stories that bring each group to life, while connecting with the individual essence of the reader at the same time. Soul & Survival is a modern day masterpiece, and a 'must have' for anyone wishing to better understand themselves and others.
Janine M

Grant has brought a unique understanding of the instinctual natures that each of us operates from with exceptional clarity in his brilliant book, Soul and Survival. This understanding takes away the 'why' and leaves 'just is' which is both freeing and enlightening. I have enjoyed the book immensely and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have more of an understanding about themselves, their family, friends, colleagues or even famous people.
Cherie T

Absolutely awesome. The planet desperately needs this knowledge. Not only did I relate at a very deep level to the colour and traditional role my facial analysis indicated, I now also feel a deep compassion and appreciation for the other six colours and traditional roles. Every colour (role) and person is needed and contributes so much. Thank you for opening my eyes.
Robyn W

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