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The Lower Leg and Foot - DVD, Jean-Pierre Barral

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The Lower Leg and Foot - DVD

Jean-Pierre Barral

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DVD ca. 55 min
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The publisher:

The lower leg and foot require a very special level of precision from the therapist: in an evolutionary process over millions of years, numerous muscular elements of the foot have changed into ligaments. Through a tensegrity structure these ligaments are closely connected to the membranes and fasciae of the lower leg. Barral’s new techniques for the treatment of the lower leg and foot regard this „architectural fine structure“.

Therefore, also the techniques demonstrated in this DVD are of downright microscopic precision. Though these techniques have been developed only recently, we should not ignore that they are based on the wealth of experience of a 40-year long intense practice. Watching this DVD, taking the example of the foot, we get a better understanding of the different dimensions of osteopathy.

- In three comprehensive chapters (this video is 55 minutes long) Barral demonstrates 15 authentic ways to treat the lower leg and  foot.
In the first chapter the membranes and ligaments of the lower leg and foot are covered.
The second chapter addresses theory and practice of the active stabilisers of the lower leg and foot. Also the theme hallux valgus gets attention here.
- The five parts of the third chapter are dedicated to the neurovascular system inside the foot. Innovative techniques that are significant for nerves, arteries and veins are shown in theory and practice.

The two producers of this DVD, Peter Schwind and Christoph Sommer, have brought their experience gained during a long period of study with Barral and Croibier into this DVD:

the purpose of this production is to make these unique, very precise and effective ways of working with the human being more easily accessable and open to a larger public.

Peter Schwind and Christoph Sommer have been able to observe, over and over again within a 25-year long period, that therapists and medical doctors who practice various methods find the teachings of Barral a real complement and enrichment to their work.

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