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The Therapeutics of Cancer, John Henry Clarke

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The Therapeutics of Cancer

John Henry Clarke

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Conference proceedings from a 1927 International Homeopathic Congress, with discussions and cases from Clarke and contemporaries.

The subject we have been dealing with, especially the malignant tumours, forms one of the greatest problems of medicine in our time. From what I have said it will be apparent that I regard the future with great hope, as from being haphazard one's results are becoming more certain. The right direction seems to be the dealing with the patient as a whole, and not with the tumours themselves primarily, as they are the outcome of an abnormal condition of the system. I hope, ere I die, to be able to prove to myself and others that cancer is not the incurable disease we at present look upon it as being. A disease is only incurable when it has made the conditions of life impossible. Short of that, a disease is only incurable when we do not know how to cure it. The laws of life are beneficent in their action when we rightly use them, and it is a glorious mission to be able to lessen the suffering of our fellow-man and to diminish the amount of heart-break and disability associated with malignant disease. The highest and noblest of our powers are here called into play.
We are told, and have proved, that those who ask, receive; those who seek, find ; and to those who knock, the door shall be opened. Let us ask largely, let us seek earnestly, and the door to knowledge, hope and happiness, for ourselves and others, shall be opened.

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