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Rajan Sankaran Seminar 2009

Glimpses from the seminar 25.-26. April 2009

Following the enormous success of his seminar in October 2007, Rajan Sankaran returned to Badenweiler 25th-26th of April 2009. Sankaran expanded on the aspects of the three natural kingdoms. In addition, he presented his ideas concerning the periodic table. Numerous video cases rendered his presentation particularly lively. DVD from last seminar in 2007


Kurhaus Badenweiler Empfang Empfang Begruessung
A beautiful morning on the first day   Welcome
Rajan Sankaran Rajan Sankaran Hörsaal
Rajan Sankaran starts his seminar and fascinated the audience from the
Rajan Sankaran Rajan Laufender Vortrag
beginning. Along the way to the source...  
Erfrischung Pausenterasse Pausenterasse Pausenterasse
Lunch with sunny weather in the open.
Verlagshaus Kandern Empfang in Kandern Führung im Verlagsgebäude Verlagsgebäude
Reception at the Narayana Publishing House in Kandern  
Verlagsgebäude Indische Snaks In den Verlagsräumen Abfahrt in Kandern
Time for reading Indian refreshments    
Rajan signiert Rajan signiert Rajan signiert Rajan mit Seminarteilnehmern
Rajan Sankaran had to sign many books Students from Wittten
Büchertisch in Badenweiler Teilnahmezertifikate Rajan am Büchertisch Rajan Tag 2
Book table Certificates Rajan with Beat Spring on the second day
RAjan Rajan Periodensystem Schwarze Mamba Rajan
Rajan explained the periodic table and a case of Black Mamba
Applaus Rajan Ende vom Seminar Verabschiedung Verabschiedung
Thank you so much for a great seminar!  
Danke Rajan Gebannte Zuhörer Zuhörer danken Abschied
  Applause   Rajan and Divya


Day 1
Session 1: The Concept and Latest Developments
Rajan Sankaran showed a case of a young woman with Hyperthyroid, Urticaria and Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc. This woman was also having depression. The circumstances in her life was stressful due to a conflict between her father and her husband. The patient is very talkative and narrates the story. In the narration of the story we can see certain glimpses of her inner state. However by focusing on her hand gestures and non-human-specific words the patient is led into a process of discovery of her inner song which is the exact voice of something in nature, which she needs as a remedy. The new techniques and the process of case taking are demonstrated through this case.

Session 2: A case of chronic and severe depression treated earlier for more than a decade by other homoeopaths. The patient is led step by step into his experience behind a traumatic childhood, to uncover the kingdom and the miasm. One can also see where mistakes had been made with regard to both kingdom and miasm by earlier homoeopaths. Healing happens in a very short span of time and the patient is able to successfully reconcile with his past and find a way to a hopeful future.

Day 2
Session 3: A case of a man diagnosed with Schizophrenia and on heavy Psychiatric treatment. Step by step his inner experience is uncovered and this innermost sensation can be seen as the basis of every important expression in his life. It is then classified in terms of a kingdom and through a process with the patient the source is revealed directly. Remarkable healing occurs in a relatively short span of about a year of treatment. The patient is taken off all psychiatric medicines and is able to now live a meaningful life.

Session 4: A case of a woman with Varicose ulcer. Her description of the pain itself leads to a very interesting and characteristic description of her entire state. Explored in all aspects it gives us a very clear description of a certain group of remedies and then one can differentiate this from other groups within the same kingdom and other kingdoms. Treatment results in the healing of ulcer and the experience of freedom in the life of the patient.

The first two cases were being shown for the first time anywhere outside of India.