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Stones - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2019

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Stones - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2019

Mineral Complex Remedies

For thousands of year precious stones have fascinated people with their magical beauty. These glittery sparkling treasures are a symbol of eternity, riches and power.

From ancient times to the early modern era, many precious and gem stones were described, prepared by pharmacists and used for medicinal purposes. They are now available for daily homeopathic practice in the current issue of SPECTRUM. Peter Tumminello pioneered the precious stones remedies, presenting them homeopathically and encouraging colleagues from all over the world to conduct further research. In his latest book and in an exclusive overview for SPECTRUM he explains the clinical releavance of the seven crystal structures. His approach to the appreciation of these remedies is via a rational exploration of their mineral qualities. The path to understanding the remedies and selecting the best one is described in all its variety in this issue of SPECTRUM: from classical homeopathy, Sankaran’s sensation method and the periodic table according to Scholten through to psychoanalysis, the archetypes of folktales, natural healing and esotericism.

Anne Schadde researched the Tourmaline remedy family via provings, documented by clinical cases. Her newest cases, like those of Marion Zachmann and Wyka Feige, show how to make well-founded prescriptions to bring about healing with Tourmaline remedies such as Dravite, Indigolite or Chrome tourmaline. Jürgen Weiland works with the repertory and sensation method in his pediatric clinic and recommends Amethyst as a valuable remedy for developmental delay. Prominent and experienced internationally known homeopaths like Julie Geraghty, Wiet van Helmond, and Misha Norland present successful cases with precious and semi-precious stones such as Emerald, Black opal, “fool‘s gold” Pyrite, or the sulfuric energy of Lava, which brings the minerals from the center of the earth up to the light.

Many precious stones exert an individual magical attraction whereas others may generate strong dislike. The readers of this issue of SPECTRUM can find out for themselves.

Reading excerpt
Reading excerpt

Jürgen Weiland: Opening up to the world
Amethyst encourages development

Enna Stallinga: A collection of stones

Vatsala Sperling: It must be for love
Rose quartz – respect for marriage and family

Anne Schadde: Inner rupture
The Tourmalines – a singular remedy family

Marion Zachmann: The Mona Lisa´s smile
The Tourmalines – locked inside oneself

Wyka Evelyn Feige: In the whole body clamp
Dravite – a Tourmaline with a pronounced magnesium component

Wiet van Helmond: My way or the highway
Pyrite and the diktat of crystallised family patterns

Misha Norland: I´m going that way anyway
Lava – between stubborn arrogance and self-doubt

Marguerite Pelt: Soft and insecure
Alabaster – Calcium sulphate as a stone

Julie Geraghty: On a journey to oneself
Obsidian and Opal open up blockages

Peter Tumminello: Cubic and orthorhombic structures
Crystal lattices as the key to the psyche

Jane Tara Cicchetti: Peace amdist chaos
Peridot – a trauma remedy?


Stones - Spectrum of Homeopathy 03/2019

In den Warenkorb

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per issue

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