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Cats-and-Dogs - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 01/2012

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Cats-and-Dogs - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 01/2012

The classic milk remedies Lac caninum and Lac felinum have been firm fixtures in homeopathy since the nineteenth century. Their remedy pictures are typical of domesticated mammals. In recent times, homeopathic interest has been directed to their wild cousins. The milks of most of the big cats such as the lynx, cheetah, ocelot, tiger, lion, and jaguar have already been potentized. And for the wild dogs we already have fox, jackal, and wolf milk.
The focus of this issue is the special homeopathic characteristics of these new remedy groups of the carnivorous mammals and the differentiation of the individual remedies in the families Canidae and Felidae. It is especially exciting to differentiate the wild animals of prey from their domesticated cousins with the help of remedy provings and case histories. This issue of Spectrum thus breaks new ground in the evolution of the modern materia medica – never before has this topic been presented as a whole.

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Reading excerpt

Jörg Wichmann: The Human Wolf
On the projection of the animalistic into homeopathic remedy pictures.

Philip Bailey: The Cur
Lac Caninum: submission or megalomania?

Paresh Vasani: Loyal Servant
Lac caninum, Lyssinum, and the longing for respect.

Andreas Richter: Constantly Threatened
Wolf’s milk for endogenous eczema with fainting and bulimia

Maryvonne Cousin: In The Trap
Lac lupinum and a case of severe lumbago with sciatica

David A. Johnson: The Wolf In The Dog
Lac husky and the conflict between freedom and security

Heinz Wittwer: Blind Obedience
German shepherd´s (Alsatian) milk and the liberation from autopilot

David A. Johnson: Aggressive And Nocturnal
Coyote´s milk for a young boy with behavioral difficulties during puberty

Heinz Wittwer: Ambivalent Relationships
Lac felinum for a crying child and her mother

Nancy Herrick: The Feeling Of Being A Whore
Lac felinum and a history of humiliation and violence

Ulrich Welte: Velvet Paws Or Sharp Claws
Lac felinum for a female patient with thyroid cancer

Jonathan Hardy: Strong And Wild
Lion’s milk, tiger’s blood, and the themes of the remedies from the big cats

Anne Schadde: It All Began With The Vibrations ...
Cheetah´s blood, multiple sclerosis, and life in the fast lane

Sigrid Lindemann: Like An Injured Animal Of Prey
Tiger´s blood is the remedy in this case of dysmenorrhea and depression

Markus Kuntosch: Simply Dominant
Lion’s milk, sibling rivalry, and diaper rash

Alize Timmerman: Exciting Household
A young pair reveals the relationship issues of Lac caninum and Lac leoninum

Bhawisha Joshi and Shachindra Joshi: Shattered
Lac puma and the vulnerable, anxious aspects of the wild cats


Cats-and-Dogs - Spectrum Of Homoeopathy 01/2012

plus shipment:
2,90 EUR per Issue

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