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Twelve Jewels, Peter L. Tumminello

492 Seiten, geb.
erschienen 2005
Best.-Nr. 02849
Gewicht: 1500g
ISBN: 978-0-9757325-0-2

Dieses Buch auf Deutsch:
Die zwölf Juwelen in der Homöopathie

Twelve Jewels

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The publisher:
Precious and semi-precious stones have long been recognised as having a power over diseases and destinies. This book is a synthesis of experiences, information, case notes and illustrations of twelve precious and semi-precious gemstones and their use in homeopathy. It is the result of hundreds of experiments carried out by seventy-six individuals over a period of 10 years in Australia, which is home to almost all of these exceptional crystals and gems. It includes many references from the historical use of these stones as known through healers and sensitives from lands as far flung as Europe, India, Burma and Australia.

This work was conceived and largely written by an Australian homeopath from Sydney, who was inspired to gather quality gemstones, prepare them into medicines and prove them. While it was driven by his vision, it is a composite of the experiences, ideas and unterstandings from a core groupe of homeophatic provers. This group met over 10 years and worked to distill the essential healing themes of these medicines including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual indications. Part way to achieving this they were joined by a talented and inspired artist, who had already been working with gems as transformers of energy. The result is a rare composite of image, colour and healing truths.

"This book is a important extensions of the homeopathic Materia Medica; it brings a deepening of our knowledge of remedies and is a personal engagement that makes homeopathy alive. It's a beautiful book."

... Jan Scholten from the Foreword

sofort lieferbar, versandfertig innerhalb eines Werktages
keine Versandkosten ab € 120,00

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