Synoptic Reference 1 - 505 Remedies, Frans Vermeulen

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Synoptic Reference 1 - 505 Remedies

Frans Vermeulen

Second Edition

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The publisher:

The second of 4 volumes in the new Prisma series. Here - fleshed out yet succinct are 505 remedies. The author's express aim is to make them as easy to grasp and as accessible as possible.

With Vermeulen's characteristic blend of painstaking detail and clarity the remedies are presented under clear headings: Substance, Affinity, Symptoms - Mind, General, Localised, Rubrics Strange, Rare & Peculiar, Food & Fluid, and, lastly the Plus Group, (meaning the more of these core symptoms there are, the more likely it is to be the remedy).

Kingdoms and groups are given in the foreword: enabling you, for example, to find an animal mollusc remedy, or an element according to its group and column, or a plant according to its family - for example, Ranunculaceae, Solanaceae, etc.

The substance itself is described in detail at the outset, giving a  full and accurate picture of the remedy's applications, themes, and, where appropriate, chemical make-up, history and mythological connections. These descriptions help enormously with an understanding of the remedy's essence. For example, the Banyan tree , (Ficus Benghalensis), has aerial roots forming new trunks,  the tree  appearing to be supported by pillars  spreading infinitely outwards. This is a beautiful metaphor for its principal themes of providing a safe and friendly environment, unity, partnership, sharing and serving. The ancient Gingko Biloba tree carries themes of struggle for survival alongside old memories, and feeling old.
Comprehensive and useful desktop reference.

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