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The Other Song, Rajan Sankaran

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erschienen 2008
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ISBN: 978-3-939931-87-4

This edition is out of print. The new edition of this title is Homeopathy for Today's World

The Other Song

Rajan Sankaran

Discovering your parallel self

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The publisher:

Have you ever wondered why the same pattern in your life repeats again and again though you try to change it? Or why an emotion, thought or feeling occurs within you, out of proportion to the circumstance that ‘triggered’ it? Ever felt ‘beside yourself’ or ‘not yourself’ during stressful situations, when it seems almost as if another you emerges? What is it? If you are searching for an answer, this book is the one to read.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, an internationally renowned homoeopath, author, teacher, and innovator has delivered profound insights on the inner human experience. These insights have revolutionized homeopathic practice all over the world and are also universally applicable and highly valuable to any one who is seeking answers to these questions.

Stress does not come from external reality but how each one of us experiences it. And we each experience it in a different, completely unique way. When we probe deeper and deeper into our own experience of stress, we traverse different levels of experience of the world, and all that is temporary fades as a level is reached of a constant inner pattern in our lives which underlies all of our experience.

This pattern reveals itself as a pure sensation of the being, which is felt in both the mind as well as the body at the same time and eventually expressing in clinically recognisable disease. This pattern or sensation reveals itself as a pattern or energy of something in nature – a plant, an animal or a mineral.

Along with our natural human song, another song plays within each of us. This other song drives our emotions, dreams, ambitions, work, relationships, illnesses and even our circumstances.

In this book Dr. Sankaran guides us into a world of discovery of the inner world of our experience, where we can go beyond the story, the emotions, the situation, and discern the essence of something in nature, which is often concealed within the human expressions. By paying attention to hand gestures or doodles, unconscious paths of expression of the energy, you can perceive more and more the other song, the song that is causing stress or dis-ease.

Awareness of this song’s theme is the beginning of healing.

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