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The Stepping-Stone to Homoeopathy and Health, Edwd. Harris Ruddock

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The Stepping-Stone to Homoeopathy and Health

Edwd. Harris Ruddock

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In issuing this Edition of the Manual, the Author cannot forbear making a slight reference to the increased esteem in which Homoeopathy is now held as compared with its position fifteen years ago. The great demand of this and other works of the Author, is no slight evidence of the rapid extension of Homoeopathic practice. Is it too much to suppose that these works have contributed to the popularity of this method of the Art of Healing? Increased acquaintance with it has led to increased demand for its literature; and increased diffusion of literature has led to extended knowledge and practice. By "Stepping-stones" many wayfarers have crossed the stream of uncertainty to a "better land" of health, and have beckoned others to come thither by the same means.

So they and others have advanced and have increased their numbers until the Homoeopaths are not now a small and feeble band. In the present edition the Author has again endeavoured to express his gratification at the wide appreciation of his humble efforts to extend Homeopathy, by embodying some of the results of his enlarged experience during the fifteen years that have elapsed since the first edition of this book was published, by maintaining it on a level with the progressive character of Homoeopathy and medical science in general, and by presenting a longer list of complaints, with ampler treatment, than is included in any similar work with which he is acquainted.

It has been revised throughout, and improved by the insertion in numerous parts of fresh observations of a practical character. Nearly every page will be found to include changes or additions which it is hoped will render the work increasingly useful.

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