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Treating Cancer in Animals - 1 DVD, Sue Armstrong

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1 DVD, approx. 2 h 40  - Language: German / English

Treating Cancer in Animals - 1 DVD

Sue Armstrong

Preventive treatment and homeopathic care in various stages of cancer
Veterinary Congress - April 22.-24. 2016 in Bad Bellingen Germany

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“If you want to treat cancer, you have to know what it is you’re treating!” stressed the British vet and homeopath Dr Sue Armstrong in her presentation at the third Congress for Animal Homeopathy hosted by Narayana Publishers.
Only when we know exactly what we are treating – and here she means not just the topic of cancer itself but particularly the category of the patient (from high-risk through precancerous to those with a primary tumour, with or without additional treatment) – can we be clear about the appropriate method to use. Otherwise we are prone to make errors.
Complex chronic cases entail great commitment, as she knows from years of practical experience. We must be prepared for a high degree of engagement because treatment can last a long time and these patients are truly needy. On the other hand we need to be prepared for the patient possibly leaving or terminating treatment. Dr Armstrong’s enthusiastic presentation inspires confidence to approach such difficult cases with the necessary attention to structure. She uses impressive case histories to show what is possible and that the patient’s death – if it is a good and gentle death thanks to homeopathy – should not be seen as failure.


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