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Chara intermedia, Heidi Brand / Norbert Groeger

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erschienen 2015
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ISBN: 978-3-95582-058-9

Chara intermedia

Heidi Brand / Norbert Groeger

The Cleansing Power of an Ancient Alga

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This book is a fascinating introduction to the world of the primordial alga Chara intermedia. The two experienced homeopaths Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger studied this alga – which has been completely unfamiliar to homeopaths up to now – and achieved profound healing success with it.

Chara intermedia, the Alga of the Year 2012, is one of the oldest organisms on the planet. As a primordial plant, it is a connecting link between the mineral kingdom and terrestrial plants. Whereas other algae foul bodies of water, Chara intermedia is capable of cleansing the water crystals. The homeopathic proving resulted in similar topics such as cleaning up, disposing, cleansing and reducing things to what is essen-tial. Chara intermedia has the potential to bring what is suppressed from the unconscious into conscious-ness and helps to clarify and release stress.

These topics have already been confirmed in the practice with impressive cases. Chara intermedia has proven to be especially successful for Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, arthrosis, ADD, ADHD, confusion, orientation disorders and aphasia. Due to the clearly presented essences and guiding symp-toms, a number of practices have already reported on cured cases. This is a promising remedy for modern times.

„Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger have done a magnificent job. Not only have they only – intuitively – selected this alga for a drug proving, but also conducted the proving on a scientific basis. For the homeo-pathic community – and I dare say for humanity – they have crystallised the healing effect and essence of this plant in such as skilful way that this remedy will soon become one of our polychrests.

This remedy suits our eventful age of human history; so I hope that Chara intermedia will guide many of us to healing. Chara intermedia can help us to establish the contact with our deeper layers by cleansing the ‘water within us’ – and move us to draw from the deep sources within us.“
Dr. Frans Kusse (from his preface)

DVD - The Healing Potential of Chara intermedia - "Homeopathy from Childhood to Old Age Congress 2014” at March 14, in Bad Krozingen Germany

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vor 5 Jahre
This is a really beautiful book, probably the most attractive homeopathic book I've come across. I'm pleased to have it on a purely aesthetic level - and somehow the images of the lakes and this unusual pond weed nicely reflect the uplifting nature of the remedy. The clearness extends to the laying out of the materia medica and the cases, and it's a pleasure to read about a substance which seemed to have such a positive effect on all of its provers. Very well priced for the enlightenment provided, so cheer yourself up by getting a copy.

Occasionally I was going 'tcha!' at the odd typo (it's 'poisoned' not 'poisened' in the big heading on pg 174) but I'm also mindful of Jan Scholten's point that it's great to have a translation even if it has the odd infelicity. weiterlesen ...
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