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Endocrine Glands - Spiritual Power Sources, Rosina Sonnenschmidt

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erschienen 2014
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Endocrine Glands - Spiritual Power Sources

Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Volume 7: Organ - Conflict - Cure
Series with Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Exercises

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No organ system has such a close relationship to spirituality as the glands. The individual glands are directly related to the energy centres of the body, the chakras. This holistic appraisal of the system of endocrine glands aims to consider the physical and energetic effectiveness of the glands, appraise their conflicts, and harmonise their ethereal aspects.

The seventh volume of the popular series Organ - Conflict - Cure examines the truly marvellous system of the glands. Rosina Sonnenschmidt presents a completely new view of the deeper functions of the adrenal glands (root of life force), male and female gonads (sacral energy), pancreas (the golden core), the thymus gland (the bigger self), the
thyroid gland (self-expression), and pituitary and pineal glands (regulation of the psychic senses).

There is a very large spectrum of glandular disease – from stressrelated illness through menstrual disorders to  Diabetes type 1 or 2, and thyroid dysfunction through immune weakness to tumours. The physiology of the glands, their conflicts and spiritual influences are discussed here. The author derives healing inspiration from naturopathic treatments, numerous types of exercise, as well as homeopathy. She uses homeopathic preparations of the individual hormones as well as unusual remedies such as Badiaga, Eupionum, X-ray, Ephedra and Lapis albus.

This work conveys highly distilled and original knowledge, offering a veritable cornucopia of suggestions and healing impulses with outstanding potential.

The Organ-Conflict-Cure Series will be completed over the next two years. In total, there will be 12 volumes (plus an Index for the entire series), each dealing with a particular organ system.  The series can be bought as a Set, or individually:

Volume 1: Blood – Fluid Consciousness
Volume 2: Liver and Gallbladder – Acquired Authority
Volume 3: The Digestive Organs – Pathway to the Centre
Volume 4: Respiratory System – Life and Consciousness
Volume 5: Kidneys and Bladder – Basis of Self-Realisation
Volume 6: Heart and Circulation – Natural Authority
Volume 7: Endocrine Glands – Spiritual Power Sources
Volume 8: Female and Male Sexual Organs – Self-Realisation
Volume 9: Brain and Nervous System – Burgeoning Spirituality
Volume 10: Sensory Organs – Wonders of Communication
Volume 11: Locomotor System – Progress on All Levels
Volume 12: Skin and Lymphatic System – Bastions of Immunity

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