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First Aid with Homeopathy, Manuel Mateu i Ratera

960 Seiten, geb.
erschienen 2016
Best.-Nr. 14413
Gewicht: 720g
ISBN: 978-3-95582-092-3

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First Aid with Homeopathy by Dr. Manuel Mateu Ratera
von Rochelle Marsden , erschienen in By Alan Schmuckler /

Review in Links - First Aid with Homeopathy
von Francis Treuherz , erschienen in Homeopathic Links

First Aid with Homeopathy

Manuel Mateu i Ratera

The ultimate medical guide for travelers and athletes, also covering work-related accidents and major disasters

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This book is by far the most elaborate and successful guide to homeopathic first aid and is available in several languages. Manuel Mateu-Ratera, a highly regarded homeopath and specialist in emergency medicine, shares with us the fruits of his many years of clinical study and practice.

First Aid with Homeopathy is aimed at both health professionals and people who wish to improve their skills in first aid. It describes most of the accidents which we can encounter in our daily life – at home, at work, practicing
sports – as well as in serious emergencies, in extreme sports or in natural catastrophes, with their accompanying homeopathic treatment. Many situations which are not described in other homeopathic first aid books make this book unique, such as deep-sea diving trauma and mountaineering accidents. The author presents both the allopathic and homeopathic approach, and Chinese pressure points which can give immediate relief in many emergency situations.

It is a great resource to have at home as well as an ideal travel companion. It covers many situations found on overseas travels, including food poisoning and various bites and stings. It is also condensed enough to take up a limited space in a suitcase or backpack. It is of inestimable use in any medical practice. An exhaustive Materia Medica describes about 200 remedies, combining their characteristics with their essences, according to Scholten, Sankaran, Vithoulkas, and Grandgeorge, among others.

“I can highly recommend this book; it has been part of my work for years as a volunteer with ‘Homeopaths Without Borders’. It has travelled with me many times and has been the basis of the homeopathic first aid training in Nicaragua”
Dr Maite Bravo - President of the Medical - Homeopathic Academy of Barcelona

„Overall this book is an amazing resource for the home as well as a travel companion and a necessity for the clinic. I know I will refer to it frequently. (…) (It) contains a massive amount of information in a compact size. (…) Who is this comprehensive work for? In one word, everyone, be they laymen, traveller, homeopathic student or experienced professional homeopath.”
Rochelle Marsden

“…Here is a new first aid book which is a complete revolution from all other such books. This one is written by a professional, helped by an international team of colleagues, and can safely be used by professionals like you and me, and most important, also by patients…. I usually travelled with an ancient small Boericke, now replaced with the modern Narayana leather backed and updated version. This work is of a similar size but is much more practical…”
Reviewed by Francis Treuherz

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Caroline Hayward

vor 4 Jahre
first-aid with both First-aid and acupressure points
Interesting book packed full of information for first-aid Homoeopathy and Acupuncture for specific need.Compact little 'BIG' book bit big for pocket or handbag but compensated for with very comprehensive material medica of 250pages. Also has helpful lists of remedies specific from basic first-aid, Expert kit, Tropical area kit, complementary Mountain kit, list for sailing and diving and last but not least a kit for radioactivity.
This is a professional compendium for the professional, well written with many lists and tables for better quicker access however, it would be good idea to mark pages of what maybe be needed in an emergency situation if taking this volume on a trip. weiterlesen ...
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vor 4 Jahre
Excellent book on homeopathic first aid and emergency medicine.
Can be used by a trained homeopath on bedside for quick reference. In future Emergency Rooms where allopathic and homeopathic colleagues could jointly help patient this book could serve as back bone of building contemporary homeopathic emergency medicine text. weiterlesen ...
1 Person findet das hilfreich. Finden Sie das hilfreich?
Neil Schultz

vor 10 Monate
First Aid
Very good book with lots of info and remedy options. weiterlesen ...
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vor 4 Jahre
First Aid with Homeopathy
A good quick first look. weiterlesen ...
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