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Geriatric Homeopathy - 1 DVD, Alok Pareek

erschienen 2014
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1 Video - DVD Length approx. 3 h
The DVD can be played in three languages, English, French, or German

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Geriatric Homeopathy - 1 DVD

Alok Pareek

"Homeopathy from Childhood to Old Age Congress 2014” at March 15, in Bad Krozingen Germany

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The Indian doctor Alok Pareek talks with great empathy about the treatment of old people – an issue that is of
increasing importance as average life expectancy continues to rise.

After an introduction to the themes and problems of old age, Pareek turns to a key aspect of geriatrics: illness of the nervous system (dementia, Alzheimer‘s, depression …).

He comprehensively explains the aspects that come into play when selecting a remedy for dementia – for example, childhood and youth of the patient, their financial situation or other possible triggers for the dementia.
The “clinical repertory” for Alzheimer‘s is especially valuable for use in daily practice: Alzheimer‘s (Anac., Aur. and its salts, Arg-n., Bar-c., Con., Carc., Cann-i., Hell., Hyos., Kali-p., Ph-ac., Pic-ac., Thios. and Zinc-m. – supplemented by minor clinical remedies such as Avena sativa and Gingko biloba and the Schüssler tissue salts), depression (Aur., Kali-p., Carc., Lach., Nat-m., Zinc-p., Ph-ac., Staph.) and Parkinson‘s (Agar., Arg-n., Aur-s., Con., Gels., Mag-p., Merc., Mang-ac., Phos., Plb., Zinc-cyan., Zinc-pic.). He describes particularly useful remedies for these conditions based on his extensive experience.

He illustrates the exceptional effect of homeopathic remedies in old age with three case histories: silent grief lasting decades – Staph.; memory loss – Bar-c.; progressive dementia and depression – Aur. He concludes with a series of remedies for insomnia (Acon., Ars., Cham., Coff., Hyos., Ign., Kali-p., Op., Phos. and Scut.), impaired hearing (Kali-m., Merc-dulc., Chen-a), tinnitus (Chinin-s., Sal-ac., Nat-sal., Chenopodium, Thiosin., Ferr-pic.), macular degeneration,
diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract (with many unknown, minor remedies) as well as two further cases (brain haemorrhage – Arn., Op., Both., Caust.; stroke – Lach.).

Pareek‘s remarks include so many practical tips that it is a shame he had to cut short the description of how to treat lung disease due to lack of time (Am-c. for example in cases of emphysema of the lung, Ant-t., Ars., Carb-v., Kali-c., Seneg., Phos., Coca, Spong., Phel.) …

A really worthwhile talk showing interesting ways to treat elderly patients homeopathically, helping to significantly improve their quality of life.

You can also purchase the complete DVD set of the “Homeopathy – from Childhood to Old Age Congress 2014”

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Atiqul Alam

vor 3 Jahre
Good reference on Geriatrics
Dr. Alok presented homeopathic clinical hints based on his real life experience. His take on Alzheimer's, Lung and Eye conditions are notable. However, he ran out of time and could not complete important presentations on:

Cardiovascular conditions
Genitourinary conditions
(Few more)

I believe that the left over items are one of the most important elements in Geriatric patients. I seriously question the Organizer's imposed time limitations on his presentations. It should have been 5 hours long not 3 hours and could easily be estimated before the actual presentation.
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