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Secret Lanthanides, Jan Scholten

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erschienen 2015
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Secret Lanthanides

Jan Scholten

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Jan Scholten has written an outstanding work of homeopathy, which will have a lasting impact on medicine, comparable to that of the Organon. He not only presents us with the long-hidden key to the therapeutic use of the rare earths, but also presents a well-rounded methodology to identify all other remedies of the periodic table, the far-reaching consequences of which we are only just starting to glimpse. After “Element Theory” gradually began to trigger a revolution in homeopathy at the end of the 20th century, this new book crowns this development at the beginning of the new century.

It is the most concentrated, rounded, and best work by Scholten. Here he presents the discovery of a completely new remedy group, which decisively enrichens the treasure trove of homeopathic remedies. The Lanthanides will soon become just as irreplaceable for modern medicine as they have become in modern technology. A major theme of these lements is self-determination and the inner need for independence, which also reflects a major issue of our time. In 79 case histories, Scholten shows how the therapeutic results in many contemporary illnesses that are very difficult to treat can be improved by these remedies: auto-immune disease, migraine, dyslexia, various eye diseases, chronic rheumatism, Crohn's disease, and colitis ulcerosa are just some of the indications.

The book deepens our understanding of the entire periodic table. Just the general section at the beginning is worth a book in its own right, and leads us via Element Theory to the symbolic language of symptoms, a new way of evaluating clinical cases, new case-taking methods, a first-rate general knowledge chapter, and an assessment of various methods of proving remedies. The book is rounded off with a chapter on proving symptoms of all Lanthanides and a particularly useful tabular section with an overview of all the themes discussed in the book. An absolute masterpiece!

“Jan’s discovery of the Lanthanides as homeopathic remedies has given us even more tools to cure profound pathology. After I heard his first seminars on the Lanthanides and started using these remedies, I'm very enthusiastic about the therapeutic results.” Louis Klein

“We have been using the Lanthanides in our practice ever since Jan Scholten first presented them in his seminars. The results have been excellent and have steadily improved as we gradually learned how to use the method. We have now observed good results using all the Lanthanides (except Promethium) in the cases in our practice. The book gives readers everything they need to acquire the necessary understanding. I was privileged to proofread the German translation and found fresh inspiration in every chapter.” Ulrich Welte

Secret Lanthanides describes the use of the Lanthanides and their salts in health and disease. It describes persons in a Lanthanide state and the cure with homeopathic potencies.The Lanthanides are elements of the periodic system with atom number 57 till 73. The have strong electro-magnetic and light properties.

Autonomy is a major theme, hence the subtitle “Road to independence”.

The search for freedom can lead to a spiritual development and desire for self-control. The Lanthanides are needed for leading ones own life, going one’s own way. It’s the road to individualityand individuation.
The psychological separation is physically reflected. in the immune system and auto-immune diseases. The immune system separates own tissue from foreign substances, it has to find out what is “own”.

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vor 2 Monate
Great book
this is a great book, the remedies suit todays world and issues well weiterlesen ...
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Ellen Madono

vor 1 Jahr
Secret of the Lanthenites
I have not read the book yet, but the information looks detailed enough for selecting remedies. I have never had patients like this, but I have a feeling that if I learn about them, they will come. Part of the reason I am not finding them is I am not looking for them.
Getting a new insight into patients in itself would be rewarding.
weiterlesen ...
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vor 4 Jahre
A book witch you go farther learning mote and more weiterlesen ...
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