The Source in Homeopathy, Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch

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The Source in Homeopathy
von Deborah Collins , erschienen in Spectrum of Homeopathy 3/2010

The Source in Homeopathy

Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch

Cosmic Diversity and Individual Talent
Source-based Homeopathy Vol. I

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The knowledge of the most effective remedy is to be found in the subconscious of every human being. The adept homeopath can facilitate the individual’s access to this hidden knowledge.
Dr. Schlingensiepen has laid the foundation for this innovative approach through years of carefully documented case-taking and systematic investigation of the follow-ups.
Using 24 remedy pictures of cosmic origin – such as Sol, Helium, Positronium, Meteorite, Brass, Volcano, precious stones, and Geyser – she shows how we can accompany our patients on the journey into their unconscious and help them to name the source of their remedy. This may even be a remedy that is so far unknown to homeopathy, yet which is nevertheless capable of bringing about profound healing, even in serious illness.

“Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch is a scientist who has managed to retain her scientific approach as a homeopath, in order to search out the unwritten laws of a successful prescription. In Irene the right hemisphere is connected to the left, analysis encounters synthesis, east meets west.”
Harry van der Zee

“Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch carefully, unwaveringly, and persistently follows the stream of words and gestures coming from her patients, upstream to the healing source. The way is radically new ... A source of
inspiration and an example of homeopathy practised with integrity and to a high scientific standard.”
Uta Santos-König

“I recommend this book to all homeopaths. It can trigger a very deep understanding of the effectiveness of remedies, their essences, and sources.”
Jan Scholten

“I enjoyed this more than any other homeopathic book in three years. It is a timely gem clearly written with beautiful narrative displaying intelligence and clarity of understanding.
On a daring journey this book seeks the source. For those of you that not yet convinced of the benefits of the sensation method this will be particularly illuminating. However for those already well versed in homeopathy's recent evolution, Irene has some useful additional tips of her own.
There follows some fascinating cases elegantly taken containing details and analyses that I had not heard before – e.g. the differential diagnosis of hydrogen, helium and positronium.
…. Buy the book. Take the leap!!”
Geoff Johnson, Review for the Society of Homeopaths

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Wendy Scrase

vor 4 Jahren
Listening to the patient's language
This is a fascinating book. I've sometimes felt quite lost after a patient has started to speak about a subject which I know nothing about, completely out of context, when their words and descriptions don't always make sense. This book is a very helpful guide to help understand what source-based homeopathy is about. The new remedies are fascinating learning. weiterlesen ...
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